Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Welcome to Amps4u!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog.
The main reason why I put up this blog is to share to everyone all the information and knowledge that I knew, which seems to be interesting to learn to. In this blog, I am not the only one who will share informations. You guys are also encouraged to share what's on your mind!

Don't forget to post a comment after reading my articles. You can post anything you like. Add more details or information about the topic. Even posting negative comments are welcome. You can correct me if I had posted wrong infos. My grammar is quite awful sometimes (English is not my native language)... You could also help me improve my grammar, so that my articles will be easier to understand. If you want a certain topic to be discussed, just post it! And I will evaluate if I can create an article about that.

I assure you guys that the articles I'll be posting here; are all original! No copy-paste articles and autopost robots. Most of my topics will be about technology (gadgets review, technological standards, etc.), sports (NBA, PBA, boxing, etc.), entertainment (K-Pop, hollywood movies...) and general trivia! From time to time, I'll be posting some useful and fun downloads. I am a download addict. I will share to you some of the best stuffs that I had downloaded on the web.

I think my introduction to my blog is done. All the things that you must know about my blog were already posted above. So.. that's it! Hope you enjoy your stay here! MABUHAY!!!


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