Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DotA: Bone Clinkz Perfect Build

(Note: all stats and info are based on DotA 6.67c map)

Bone Clinkz the Bone Fletcher is an agility type hero in the world wide famous game DotA (Warcraft III: Frozen Throne). He looks like a skeleton with a bow and arrow. At first, you will think that this hero is weak. Because he's small with a very low health points. But I tell you, Bone Clinkz can kill any hero 1-on-1.

Bone Clinkz is one my favorite hero in DotA. In fact, he was the first hero that I used in this game. It was in 2006 when I first used him. I find it hard for me to use Bone Clinkz as my hero in DotA. He's HP is too thin to fit my aggressive and careless style of playing. Since then, I always avoided using Clinkz as my hero.

But it was just last year when I discovered his real strength. I picked Clinkz through the all random pick mode of the game. I don't know what I had eaten right that day. But for the first time, I was able to kill a hero 1-on-1 and face to face using Clinkz. I was finally able to build a perfect strategy for Clinkz. I even registered a double kill and beyond godlike status in that game! After that day, I started to use Clinkz in almost every game. Trying to improve and develop a better strategy for Clinkz.

As of today, my unique build on Clinkz has proven to be very effective. I am able to kill heroes in less than three seconds. And I'll be sharing this build to you right now! So let's begin.

Skill Build:

bone clinkz perfect buildbone clinkz perfect build
bone clinkz perfect buildbone clinkz perfect build
bone clinkz perfect buildbone clinkz perfect build
bone clinkz perfect buildbone clinkz perfect build

Level 1 - Searing Arrows
Level 2 - Wind Walk
Level 3 - Searing Arrows
Level 4 - Wind Walk
Level 5 - Strafe
Level 6 - Death Pact
Level 7 - Searing Arrows
Level 8 - Searing Arrows
Level 9 - Wind Walk
Level 10 - Strafe
Level 11 - Death Pact
Level 12 - Wind Walk
Level 13 - Strafe
Level 14 - Strafe
Level 15 - Stats
Level 16 - Stats
Level 17 - Stats
Level 18 - Stats
Level 19 - Stats
Level 20 - Stats
Level 21 - Stats
Level 22 - Stats
Level 23 - Stats
Level 24 - Stats
Level 25 - Death Pact

Bone Clinkz' second skill, Searing Arrows, is his primary weapon. It is important to level up this skill as quick as you can. That extra 50 bonus damage is a deadly companion, especially in the early stages of the game when heroes don't have vanguard or other armor and health regenerating items yet. Searing Arrows is also helpful at the start of the game. You can use it to last hit and deny creeps.

Item Build:

Start of the game:

bone clinkz perfect build

In this guide, I considered that you are playing 5v5 and all pick mode. This scenario will give you 603 golds to begin the game. With this amount of gold, the best items to put on Clinkz are two set of Ancient Tangos (90x2=180golds) and one Sobi Mask (325golds). You can use the Tangos to regenerate your HP when you were severely damaged at the start. Sobi Mask will help you regenerate your mana faster. You will be using your mana for Searing Arrows. You will also use the Sobi Mask to build Oblivion Staff and Orchid of Malevolence later in the game.

After a couple of minutes:

bone clinkz perfect buildbone clinkz perfect buildbone clinkz perfect build

The first item that you should complete is the Oblivion Staff. You need three of these to build Orchid of Malevolence. Just focus on building an Orchid. There's no need to buy boots of speed yet. Bone Clinkz walks fast enough even without boots. And his Windwalk will allow him to walk even faster. So boots of speed is not a necessity for Clinkz. Complete Orchid of Malevolence as fast as you can. It will be the best compliment or combo for your Searing Arrows. When you have the Malevolence, you are now unbeatable 1v1. You can kill any hero you want as long as he don't have nearby allies to help him.


bone clinkz perfect buildOrbone clinkz perfect build

After having Malevolence, everything will be easy now for Clinkz. You can passively activate his Searing Arrows so you can kill creeps faster and earn gold faster. Malevolence will super boost your mana regen. So you can use all his skills as much as you want. The next item you should build is the Power Treads. It will give Clinkz additional attack speed and movement speed as well as some damage. Faster attack speed means more kills for Clinkz. When you have Malevolence and Treads, the third item that you should buy is either a Divine Rapier or Monkey King Bar (MKB). Divine Rapier will give you additional 250 damage per attack. With this item, Clinkz can kill a high level hero in just three seconds. But there is a risk when you have this item. Divine Rapier will drop when you die. So make sure your talented enough when you choose to put this item on Clinkz. On the other hand, Monkey King Bar will give you less damage but it will allow you to have 100% attack accuracy. Meaning, all your attacks will never be dodged by your opponent hero. MKB is very helpful especially for those AGI type opponents who already have Butterfly.

If there's enough time:

bone clinkz perfect build

This is the best set of items for Clinkz. Malevolence for silencing your opponent. Treads to speed up your attack and movement. Divine for additional 250 damage. MKB for 100% attack accuracy. Heart of Tarrasque to make Clinkz more durable. And Butterfly, for super attack speed and dodging. You're virtually unstoppable if you could have these items. But it will take a lot of time and golds to complete them. But it's worth it!

Best Ally:

bone clinkz perfect build

Worst Opponent:

bone clinkz perfect build

Disabling heroes are like best friend for Clinkz. They are his best friend but they are also his worst enemy. Bone Clinkz is useless if he can't attack or move. And he is too thin. So one second of disability can cause a lot of damage to him. But if Clinkz can disable his opponent, it's a sure kill!

Playing the game:

At the start of the game, pick either the top or the bottom lane. He's a range hero, so he can also play the mid lane. But it’s easier for Clinkz if he has a teammate with him. That's why I like to play the top or bottom lane. It's better if your ally hero is a silencer or stunner. This will allow you to have early kills.

At the beginning, you just have to focus on last hitting and denying creeps. You can easily do this with the help of searing arrows. You could also harass your opponent if it's a melee hero.

When you're level 3, you can now start to attempt killing heroes. Your Searing Arrows must be level 2 at this point. First activate your wind walk. You will become invisible. Now set searing arrows as passive skill (just right click on it). Go behind your target hero. Then your ally hero must stun that opponent. Once stunned, attack the opponent. In just five seconds, both of you and your ally can kill the opponent hero given that there's no one to help him. Just do this technique multiple times to have more hero kills under your stats.

When you have completed the Orchid of Malevolence, you can now kill a hero alone. Clinkz will now have a disabling skill of his own. By this time, your level is high enough to have the Strafe skill. This skill will increase the attack speed of Clinkz. To kill a hero, all you need to do is to activate wind walk, go behind your enemy and make sure that he's alone, then set searing arrows to passive. When all is set, silence your enemy using the Malevolence then activate strafe and start attacking. Within four to five seconds, you will be able to finish off your opponent. Just repeat this trick to kill other heroes.

Aside from killing heroes, Clinkz can also destroy towers quickly. His searing arrows are also working for towers. Just use the combination of Strafe and Searing Arrows.

With his wind walk, Clinkz can be used to spy opponents' farm area and other enemy territory. This is a big asset for your team. Your team can avoid an ambush attack from your enemies. You can also use this skill to check if your opponent is trying to kill Roshan. Clinkz is really a big help for a team. But make sure, that you are still earning some golds while helping your team.

In the latter part of the game, you should have enough gold to buy either Divine or MKB. You can pick which item you want to build first. In my case, I always build Divine first before MKB. As I said, I am an aggressive player. I want blood! I am just being more careful when I already have Divine. I make sure that I always have a disabling ally hero along with me. Or I kill Roshan so I can have Aegis of Immortality. This will give me a second life if I die. And it is a sort of security for my Divine. But if you think you’re not talented enough to hold Divine, then it's better to buy MKB first. If there's enough time, try to buy Tarrasque and Butterfly.

That's all! I hope it helps. Try using Bone Clinkz now! :)


Henry said...

The fact that you said searing arrows is your primary weapon and try to max it out first, you keep it at lvl 2 by lvl 6? That is so contradicting. The idea of getting a divine on clinkz is utterly stupid too. Are you playing pubs 'apemso noobs only'?

markamps said...

@henry yup! Searing arrows is clinkz' main weapon. But having windwalk to level 2, a level one strafe and a level one death pact at level 6 is also important. A level 2 windwalk will allow you to walk faster and to have a longer time as invi. This will give you more time to set up your attack. It is also important that you attack when your windwalk is almost done cooling down. So you can easily escape the area when an undesirable thing happened. Like someone is going to help your victim. The level one strafe will increase your attack speed. Allowing you to kill a hero faster. Every second is important for clinkz. Death pact will give you free health regen. Though icefrog downgraded its effect in 6.67c. The perfect timing to max the level of searing arrows is at level 7 and 8.
Abou the divine stuff, as I said, my build is unique! It's not that I'm playing noob. But divine is really a great item for clinkz. Clinkz with divine equals GG! You can easily finish the game in less than 10 minutes with the help of divine. I think you have not tried putting divine on clinkz that's why you are telling that it's a stupid thing to do. But it really works man. Try it yourself. If it does not work on you, then do not buy divine. Just what I stated in the article above, "But if you think you’re not talented enough to hold Divine, then it's better to buy MKB first.."

Anonymous said...

For me its A Good Build.....

Anonymous said...

don't you think it's better if you put some wraith band before sobimask first so that your armor and damage will increse since clinks is an agi type hero?

Anonymous said...

oh and another thing is it ok if i put the eye of scadi since it's only an orb effect if i'm a melee but clinks is a ranged hero so is it ok(fyi i'm the anonymous above and please add me

Anonymous said...

for me the my skill build ups for him is like this
1 = Searing Arrows
2 = Wind Walk
3 = Searing Arrows
4 = Wind Walk
5 = Strafe
6 = Death Pact
7 = Searing arrows
8 = Strafe
9 = Wind Walk
then the rest is up to you
As You can see my wind walk is just lvl 2 by lvl 6 i put strafe at lvl 5 because whats the point at putting fog at the game if you dont know how to use it its better to use strafe for fast kill

Anonymous said...

and also your item build ups its just something confuse's me

you can use skadi while firing searing arrows i was thinking instead of skadi why not desolator
since it reduces armor and gives plus attack
but in skadi case since clinkz is fragile skadi makes him less fragile because of the slow effect and the additional life given

Anonymous said...

I think Death Pact has been mislooked by many players Death Pact is not for regen purposees its use for killing because it also increase your base life and damage so my strategy is go to a SC place and search for a centaur death pact it and then kill a hero

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