Monday, July 26, 2010

Why SNSD is so addicting...

(Try to read my previous topic about SNSD)

SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae or Girls' Generation) is one of the most popular and successful girl group in Korea. They are also popular in other countries (Japan, Philippines, Thailand, etc.). This means that, even they (fans) are not Koreans or they (fans) cannot understand the Korean language, fans still love SNSD. International fans even put up their own SNSD fans club in their countries. These clubs set up special events every time SNSD officially released an album in their country, or when SNSD celebrates their anniversary. Some international fans (like me) were even influenced by SNSD to learn how to speak Korean to be able to understand their songs. That's how powerful and charismatic SNSD is.

Though they (SNSD) are very popular, there are still some people who don't like SNSD. These haters are known as anti-snsd. Haters are bringing up a lot of negative issues just to put SNSD down. Anti-snsd are saying that the girls' (SNSD) beauty are product of surgical procedures, and the group is not talented enough to deserve all the attention and popularity that they are getting. I don't know the real reason why they hate SNSD. But I think they are just envy of the extreme popularity and success that SNSD achieved in just three short years.

Despite of these negative publicities, fans are still hooked with SNSD. Fans are ignoring these issues and they just keep on supporting SNSD. And this continuing support of the fans makes haters go crazy.

SNSD has really captured the heart of the fans. So what's with SNSD that got people to be so addicted to them?

I'm an SNSD fan too. And I'm really addicted to them! My phone (Nokia N70me) is fully loaded with their songs and videos. I don't even have enough space to put in English or Filipino songs. After months of being hooked with SNSD, I was finally able to sort out the reasons why they were so addicting. Things that made them ahead of the pack. They are the following:

  1. Their songs are all addicting. Their cute and beautiful voices mixed with catchy melody equals highly addicting songs! All the songs in their two albums, two repackaged albums and two mini albums can make every listeners addicted to them. One of their most popular songs is Gee. Korean fans were so addicted to Gee that it went no.1 in MNET countdown for eight straight weeks. Beating the record of the world wide hit song Nobody by Wonder Girls. Nobody became no.1 in MNET for just six consecutive weeks. Gee also became no.1 in Music Bank for nine consecutive weeks.

    Their songs are simple and catchy. That's why ordinary people can easily memorize the rhythm and melody of their songs. The sound of Korean words is also fun to hear. Even the international fans, who don't understand the Korean lyrics of SNSD songs, are still able to memorize and sing their songs.

  2. Cute dance steps. Like their songs, the dance steps of SNSD are also simple and easy to follow. Even people who has no talent in dancing can easily do the dance steps of SNSD (like in my case ^_^).

    It's really a pleasure to the eyes watching their cute faces performing cute dance numbers. You can easily forget all your problems by just watching them do their moves. Their dance moves really fit their cute, innocent looking faces. Not all girls look good when they do cute dance steps. But SNSD looks great and fun to watch every time they perform! Actually, this one of the main reasons why I got addicted to SNSD. I love watching videos. And I really love the way they dance in all of their music videos.

  3. Nine is better than one. I think SNSD having nine members, is the main thing that separates them from other Korean girl group. The usual number of members of a Korean singing group is four or five. But SM Entertainment wants to be unique. That's why they designed SNSD to have nine members. This is also the same strategy that SME applied on Super Junior, a popular and successful Korean boy group composed of 13 members.

    So what's the advantage if they have nine members compared to four or five members of the other groups?

    If you were an audience, you will find it more fun and entertaining to watch a bigger group performing together smoothly. You will never be bored. Your eyes will be busy trying to see what each member is doing.

    That is also the case with SNSD. You have nine beautiful ladies performing in front of you. Your eyes will try to memorize each member's face. Looking for the one that you can call as "my most favorite member!". And if you are already tired in focusing your attention on your favorite member (this is almost an impossible thing to happen. You will never get tired of watching your favorite SNSD member.), there are still eight other cute and beautiful faces that your eyes can watch for. Because of this fact, fans will never be bored watching SNSD. Isn't that great?

  4. They have cute, beautiful, lovely faces. For me, this the biggest reason why fans are so addicted to SNSD. We all knew that all singers are really good in singing. But not all singers are pleasing to the eyes. And SNSD is a type of singing group with beautiful voices and faces.

    I was a 2NE1 fan before, but SNSD's beauty has made me forget 2NE1. I'm not saying that 2NE1 members aren't pretty. CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy are also beautiful. Both groups are great singers and dancers. But SNSD's beauty is just too much for me. That's why I decided to pick SNSD over 2NE1.

    I created a short clip of SeoHyun singing her pat on Gee in one of SNSD's live performances. This is the video that made me say: "I am now a true blooded SNSD fan!". This short clip has made me decide to be an SNSD fan for a long, long time. :)


eve said...

SNSD-unnies are great!^^

jyn said...

i ueber agree! <3 SNSD fighting!~

Anonymous said...

SNSD-noonas rocks!^^ SNSD jiang!<3

Anonymous said...

they just like bitchs, dolls, acting fake like fuck, there are nothing good, arrogant,seductive and talentless, im not anti_SNSD fan but i see just dirty and sick things at them. brainless

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