Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How To Double Your Download Speed

Sick of having a very slow download speed? So slow that it's so hard for you to even consider putting the word "speed" in your download transfer rate? Then the answer to your problem is here! The Download Accelerator Plus by Speedbit.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a compact computer software that enhances the download speed of an internet connected computer. Aside from faster download speed, DAP also provides stable download speed. DAP also supports resuming of paused or discontinued downloads (this feature is dependent on the server of the file you are downloading). DAP also has its own internet browser. It’s a good simple browser. But I recommend you to use Mozilla FireFox instead. You can integrate DAP to your FireFox browser. DAP will automatically be your downloader when you download something from the net.

I'd been using DAP for over one year now. And I'm really satisfied with its performance. We have a basic broadband (384kbps or 48kBps) connection in our home. And a 48kBps download speed is not that bad. But in reality, my download speed only reached 24kBps. And it really sucks! With DAP, my download speed was able to reach 50-60kBps. More than twice of my regular download speed of 24kBps.

Slow download
My regular download speed
Increased download speed
Download speed with DAP

But what impresses me more about DAP, is that it doubles my download speed using only regular download acceleration. You can further increase the download acceleration of DAP when you upgrade it to Premium. I'm just a poor boy. I don't have enough money to upgrade my DAP to premium. If you have extra penny in your pocket and you want to experience a lightning quick download speed, then why not purchase DAP Premium. I think DAP is an application worth spending for.

You can download or purchase DAP in Speedbit official website (Speedbit uploaded it on Brothersoft). Enjoy downloading!


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