Friday, August 6, 2010

HD Like videos for symbian^1 phones

Symbian^1 phones, specifically Nokia s60v5 phones, can only play Standard Definition (SD) videos. The phone's video playback capability can play videos up to 640x480 pixels in resolution. The video quality of an SD video is not that bad. But if you want serious visual pleasure, HD (High Definition) video is the answer. And this is the main problem with s60v5 phones. These phones cannot play videos larger than 640x480 pixel resolution.

Nokia s60v5 phones have 3.2in widescreen display. Its wide screen is really great for watching videos and movies. As a video lover, I was really frustrated to find out that s60v5 phones can't play HD videos. I tried to watch SD music videos in a Nokia 5230. Some videos look good, but still not enough to satisfy my cravings for serious visual entertainment. So I tried to find a way on how can I incorporate the quality of a 1080p HD video to a 480p SD video. Luckily, I found one!

After a lot of experimentation, I finally discovered that the secret for a high quality SD video is a high video bitrate. I observed that a low resolution, high bitrate video looks better than a high resolution, low bitrate video.
So if you have a 720p or 1080p HD video and you want to watch that video in your s60v5 phone, the best thing you can do is to convert it to a video with 640x480 resolution and bitrate of 2,500 kbit/sec or 2.5 Mbit/sec (I use Total Video Converter in converting videos. Download it here). This value of bitrate (2.5 Mbit/sec) is the best bitrate you can put in a video that you want to watch in your s60v5 phone. Bitrate higher than 2.5 Mbit/sec will cause some lag and delay during video play back in an s60v5 phone. I recommend to convert the video into .mp4 format.

If you have low resolution videos (320x240 or 480x360) or SD video (640x480), you can also convert these videos to 640x480 resolution and 2.5 Mbit/sec bitrate. After converting, you will see a big improvement on their video quality.

With this trick, you can now have HD like videos for your s60v5 phone. The only disadvantage of this trick is that it will increase the file size of your video.

One more thing, the converted video will only look great on the 3.2in widescreen display of the phone. The video will still be awful when watched full screen in a computer monitor.

So what are you waiting for? Convert those dull videos now. And enjoy a great movie experience with your s60v5 phone.


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