Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Most Delicious Garlic Bread!

Pizza Hut Garlic bread

So far, the most delicious garlic bread or most delicious bread in general, that I've ever tasted was Pizza Hut's garlic bread. The flavor of their garlic bread is damn so good! I was really shocked the first time I tasted it. I didn't expect that their garlic was exceptionally delicious. And it goes well with Pizza Hut's soup dishes.

Aside from being so delicious, Pizza Hut's garlic bread is also heavy to the stomach. It can satisfy your hunger alone. Eat four pieces of garlic bread and your hunger is gone! Pizza Hut's garlic bread is an appetizer, but it feels like the main course for me. I was even thinking of buying this garlic bread every morning for my breakfast, instead of buying regular breads in other bakeries and bakeshops.

I don't know how Pizza Hut creates this delicious garlic bread. But all I know is that, this garlic bread is the best!!!


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