Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Must See SNSD Videos

Hi there! Just want to share to all of you all of my favorite SNSD videos that I've watched since becoming an SNSD fan in early February this year. I have limited time to watch SNSD videos because of my busy school life. That's why it's really important for me to be able to watch their best videos available online. I consider these videos as “Must See Videos”. Your life as an SNSD fan won’t be complete if you miss these videos. So let's begin!

[HD] Girls' Generation(SNSD) GEE Comeback Stage (01.10.2009 MBC Musiccore)

- this is the very first SNSD video that I've watched in YouTube. This video is also the reason why I was hooked with SNSD.

SNSD (소녀시대) - Kissing You (키싱유) MV [HD]

- for me, the SNSD girls were in their cutest and most beautiful look in this music video.

SNSD - Oh!(Mar 6, 2010)

- the girls performed Oh! in an ice skating rink which maybe the coolest stage that they ever performed at. But this performance is their hottest! Lots of white, flawless, and beautiful skins were displayed!

Beautiful girl + Honey honey _ SNSD (perf lalala MBC)

- I really like this video! The lines of SeoHyun really fit her. "I'm a beautiful girl". The girls look fresh and divine with their white dresses.

Girl's Generation [SNSD] - Cooky (LG CYON)

- this video is the best! This is the ultimate "Eye's Candy!". I almost have a cardiac arrest when I first saw this.

[HD] 100411 SNSD Wanna Be Chocolate

- this video is also cute. I was really impressed on their ability to sing a full English song. And Jessica's Barbie doll look is the best!

HD SNSD - Oh! & Hahaha Song (Jaurim) & 3! 4! (Roo'Ra) Jun 17 2010 GIRLS' GENERATION Live 1080p

- SeoHyun's devil's horn head dress caught my attention in this video. She looks very cute with those horns. I also like the song 3! 4!.


- the first Etude performance video that I saw. The SNSD girls look so cute with their dresses. I also like their performance of Genie.

SNSD - tell me your wish(genie) live HQ

- I love the intro of this video. The girls look so seductive and sexy. Those long legs are very hot!

HD SNSD - Into the new world [full] May04.2010 4/5 GIRLS' GENERATION Live 720p

- Into the new world is one of my favorite SNSD songs. And this live performance of the song is my most favorite among other Into the new world videos. In this video, I realized that Into the new world has very cute dance steps.


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